100 Wpm > Dictation No 03

Instructions :

1) Sign in to our Website. 

2) Choose the column of the speed you are capable to write shorthand.

3) Click on Dictation No, which you want to take test.

4) Play the video and start listening to the Dictation and write on the Notepad.

5) After writing the Dictation, a White Space Box for typing will be provided to you just below it.

6) As you will click the cursor on the typing box, the timer will turn on and then you have to type the transcribed content (Shorthand) in that given time period.

7) Click on Submit button after you have completed. If you do not click on the submit button so after completion of time it will be automatically submitted. 

8) Your Accuracy in % (Accuracy basically refers to the exactness and correctness of the content you write in Shorthand) and your Typing Speed (WPM) will be displayed in the Result Table. 

9) Then on clicking the Review Button, you will discover all your errors and correct, words. Your content
and the original content will be shown for comparison.

Note: Please, Ignore capital words, number and short-form words like hon. - Hon'ble type of mistakes.
Software count full mistake not a half mistake. 

Important: If your accuracy does not come as your expectation, don't be demotivate and never give up because a successful person never give up. Analyze your mistake, improve it, keep practicing and ignore software's irrelevant errors. All the Best For Your Bright Future. 

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