About Us

Shorthand speed aims to provide all individuals with the resources to help to increase their shorthand speed and analyze their progress through our website.

With our simple instructions and easy to use shorthand typing areas, We plan to deliver shorthand dictation to all interested individuals willing to learn and increase their steno speed through patience and practice.

We provide stenographers with the opportunity to listen and then type their shorthand dictations and get comprehensive results by testing themselves on our database of steno dictations online. Multiple aspects are judged online through our algorithms such as speed (80wpm, 100wpm, 120wpm) and typing accuracy to show the progress of the individual currently going through the shorthand practice test. This allows the stenographers to analyze their practice progress over a period of time. The ability of an individual to self analyze their improvement and prepare according to it.

Outstanding stenographers who use pitman shorthand can try out their skills through our shorthand dictation, typing test and try out different shorthand dictation in the speed of 80 wpm, 100 wpm and 120 wpm depending on the user requirements.

Shorthand speed delivers a unique experience to its users and helps them utilize the services provided with ease. Simple, elegant and unique to its features, shorthand speed wants, users, to improve their steno skills over a period of time through practice and self-analysis. So, Keep Practicing and Keep Growing