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After going through the exercises of the respective Shorthand Book we are using, we gradually develop the habit of writing more and more sentences in Shorthand. But is that enough? No! There is a long way to go.

"Writing Shorthand Dictations and then Mastering them is the final stage of Shorthand Learning."

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During the final stage of Shorthand learning, no one will judge your outlines, the position of your vowels and the placement of Diphthongs. But everyone will judge your Accuracy, your speed and your Confidence.

So that is why Practicing Dictations is considered essential. And Practicing with your Personal Shorthand Trainer will indeed uplift you to become a better Stenographer. And if you really want to be the one, you just have to practice with Patience and Positivity as it may require laborious efforts at the Starting but with time you will get used to it.

But never take it as a burden on yourself because you are learning something, and learning should always be mixed with Fun.

Value of a Shorthand Dictation.
1. A Dictation is valued more because the skill of Shorthand is tested only in the form of a Dictation in all the Competitive Exams like SSC Stenographer, RRB Stenographer, DSSSB and in various other Ministries and other Autonomous Bodies of Government.

2. A Dictation is the base for Speed Increase, as it starts from the slowest speed(80wpm) to the fastest speed(120 and above). And in between we learn countless new things including new Words, Phrases, New Short Forms etc. that often come in the skill test.

3. Through Dictations one can easily build Confidence for Shorthand as it gives a professional touch to the Students. The Audios that are recorded for Dictations are either the News Reports or the Speeches of Ministers.

4. By writing Dictations, we learn where to use Full Stop, Comma, Exclamation Sign, Colon etc. We can use them easily unless and until we are used to the tone and style of the speaker. Through Practice, we become more proficient to hear the type of the pause that the speaker takes while writing down the Dictation and we get the ability to add the sign accordingly.

5. In every Dictation, there are many words that are not even read or listened by the students before. Through Dictations, we get a chance to explore New Words, Phrases, Idioms and word meanings in English that too from a single page of a Dictation. So we can say that there are a lot of things that can be learnt from a single Dictation.

6. The new words that we explore helps us to meet and face the difficulty level of exams. The words help us in improving our Spelling errors. So Don't wait for any occasion, Just start Practicing from today onwards so that you don't feel Unsuited to call yourself as a Stenographer. So here we are providing you Dictations with different speeds (80 wpm, Here 100wpm and 120 wpm)